Movie Rental Made Easy

Over the years, movie lovers have been able to rent their favorite movies and enjoy them in the comfort of their own homes. A number of major rental shops along with countless independently owned mom and pop stores have helped make renting and watching movies a favorite pastime for many. This is a simple and cost-effective solution for those who prefer not to spend the time or money needed to go to the movies.

The great thing about renting movies is that they can be watched over and over again until the rental time is up. This is the preferred choice for individuals who prefer to spend a small price to watch as many movies as they want as opposed to spending more to watch them in theaters only once. Advances in technology have brought some easy ways to rent movies.

Impact of Movie Streaming over Traditional DVD Movie Rental

One method of renting movies is to stream them to a television, cell phone, or computer device. This way of watching rented movies requires a wireless internet connection. Streaming movies to electronic devices means that individuals don’t have to deal with the hassle of tracking down and returning movies on time. Movie streaming services typically require users to pay a flat monthly fee to gain access to a library of movies that they can watch as often as they like. Several major movie rental companies and many other start-ups are now offering this method to their customers. Many cell phone companies have joined in and also offer movie streaming services. This method of renting movies is interesting because it allows streaming on portable devices that have a wireless connection.

In recent years, $1 movie rental kiosks have made their way into grocery stores, outside convenience stores, and in a variety of other locations. The concept for most of these movie dispensing machines is that you can rent movies for as little as $1 per day. To use this method, users enter their credit card information into the machine and select from a menu of movies available from a particular kiosk. If films are returned after the first day, individuals are only charged $1 per film. If later returned, the credit card will be charged according to how many days it is issued. Some prefer this direct rental method because no contract is required. Renting from a movie stand for $1 is also attractive because of the low rent.

Cable and satellite television companies also provide an easy method for their customers to rent movies. Many premium television providers allow users to order movies from their cable remote control or satellite box. Movies are available for rent the same day they come out on video so users don’t have to feel like they have to wait any longer than those who bought movies from the store. Typically, customers who have a movie rental feature also have the option to watch as many movies as they want in a 24-hour period.

How Exactly Do Movies Make Money?

Sending rented movies by mail is probably the oldest method of avoiding having to go to the rental shop, and it’s still an uncomplicated and convenient process. Many companies pair this feature with streaming programs. Often customers have access to a wider variety of movies if they choose to sign up for a rental program that has streaming and mail order services. To encourage customers to use their mailing services, some companies make a limited number of movies available through their streaming services while providing a much larger inventory of movies through direct mail services. Many mail order services allow customers to keep films for as long as they want within a 30 day period. Depending on the user’s account, customers can sometimes rent up to three films at once for one flat monthly rate.

Movie, cable, and satellite television rental companies have made it easier to rent movies. In recent years, many mobile phone service providers have also joined the movie rental business. The variety of rental options available to consumers makes it easy for almost anyone to watch their favorite movies on television and other electronic devices. Renting movies is really all about which method everyone prefers.



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